Design is some powerful stuff.

Design influences behavior, changes opinions, and gives form and voice to what would otherwise remain an unrealized concept. It also tells you when the next train will arrive and helps people to make repairs without electrocuting themselves – but we're mostly here for the "bringing your ideas, goods, and services to life then sharing them with the world" part.

Since 2011 we've been arming entrepreneurs, artists, community groups, and local businesses with the tools they need – branding, packaging, an online presence, & the sorcery of advertising – to achieve more and do so based on sound strategy.


Let's talk. Create a plan. Make things. Then celebrate because it all turned out super great.

We'll get together,   learn about who you are, what you're trying to accomplish, and why. Some research, math, and drawings occur. Together we review everything and devise the best plan of attack. Things are created, refinements made, production is arranged and voila—you are now that much closer to world domination.


•  Brand Identity & Logo Design
•  Strategy & Art Direction
•  Stationery & Business Cards
•  Website & Interactive Design
•  Packaging Design
•  Event Design & Promotion
•  Catalogs, Brochures & Mailers
•  Publication, Book & Print Design
•  Posters & Album Art
•  Merchandise & Apparel
•  Advertising for Print & Web
•  Copywriting & Photography
•  Illustration & Lettering


Principal & Art Director

Shelley Barnes is a born again Southerner with an obsession for playing cards, craft spirits, and her Bull Terrier Dixie. Winner of AIGA's inaugural Command-X competition and dubbed "Next Great Designer" by STEP Inside Design, her work holds residence in the Denver Art Museum, as well as AIGA's permanent design archive. She's served as juror for AIGA 365 and been recognized by both Ad Club and The One Show. Shelley has over a decade of experience specializing in branding, packaging, design for events, copywriting and illustration.


Print Magazine, Communication Arts, STEP Inside Design Magazine, AIGA 365, Graphis Branding, Graphis Letterhead, Graphis Designers USA, The One Show, Ad Club, 1000 Music Graphics, Design for Special Events, Logo Lounge, GOOD Magazine, Daily Heller, Design Observer, AIGA Voice